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Dental Implants -The best option for tooth replacement

2019-03-20 02:49:19

By Admin

Everyone is worried when a tooth is lost, conventional removable dentures, which are just short term options, no longer gain satisfaction among patients. Dental implants, one of the biggest advancements in dentistry, are meant to blend in with your teeth.

Dental implant is typically an artificial tooth that is surgically placed into jaw to hold a missing tooth. It is made up of Titanium, a metal which is strong lightweight and durable, ensuring you comfort. Titanium has a special property called ‘Osseointegration’ which literally means “combines with the bone”.

Implants make you Feel Like Your Own Natural Tooth, as they look, fit, feel and function like your natural tooth. Also, they are not visible once they are surgically anchored to your jaw.

Implant is an excellent long term remedy and it maintains the jawbone’s shape and density which is indirectly meant to support the facial skeleton and helps you have a good tooth structure thus makes you more confident.

Implants generally support fixed bridges and is a permanent solution for missing tooth and makes you stay healthy and feel comfortable.

Never hesitate to talk, with the advantage of improved level of speech that dental implants bestow upon you. Pronounce any word that you hadn’t with the missing tooth.

Enjoy eating anything that you want to, while you can experience the full taste of your food as you do with your natural ones.

Convenience: Dental implants are anchored in the jawbone without any impact on the healthy teeth. Your implanted tooth neither moves nor clicks. You can chew any food item that you would love to, at your convenience, as dental implants don’t grind away your bone.
With the absence of tooth, the jawbone in the empty space deteriorates with lack of stimulation. Dentures sometimes accelerate the bone loss as they become loose over years. But, dental implants provide the required stimulation for natural bone growth.
When a tooth is lost, the gap thus formed can cause the adjacent teeth to shift or move or click, which in turn can affect your ability to chew or grind at ease. Dental implants provide safety and stability not only to the replaced tooth but to the adjacent ones too.
Last but not least fixed bridges require altering of one or more adjacent healthy teeth for support, which isn’t advisable, on other hand for implants you don’t need to sacrifice any any part of your adjacent healthy teeth.
Dental Implants have earned a record of reliable and long-term successful results so far.

So, wait for what? Restore your Smile!!