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Importance of a good dental hygiene

2019-03-20 02:48:42

By Admin

Many people in India avoid a dental visit until and unless they are forced to do so due to an unbearable pain caused by variety of reasons. This ignorance is one of the main reasons for low level of dental hygiene in the country. Dental hygiene does not only involve the teeth but also includes tongue, gums, and the oral cavity.

It has been found that oral hygiene is directly linked to cardiovascular diseases. A very large group of population suffers from cardiovascular diseases. Oral bacteria like streptococcus sanguinis, streptococcus gordonii are common infecting agents and infection due to these bacteria are found to be the primary risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Not only cardiovascular diseases, infection due to these bacteria are also associated with deadly diseases like Alzheimer’s and pancreatic ulcers.

Although oral hygiene is mainly associated with teeth disease(caries), poor oral hygiene also leads to gingivitis(gum disease), xerostomia(dry mouth), bad breath, joint problems etc.

Those with poor oral hygiene have much greater chance of developing gingivitis, specially those with poor immunity and in smokers. Pregnant women also tend to develop gingivitis due to hormonal changes. Other causes of gingivitis are genes and hormonal changes as in puberty .
Here are 3 simple reasons on why dental hygiene should be your top priority:

Overall Physical Health - A healthy mouth is good for your entire body. Dental hygiene is linked to a lot of health conditions as the nerves present in the mouth cavity are mostly linked to the brain. Any issues that arise out of the nerves related to dental hygiene can prove fatal to the functioning of many essential organs in the body such as ear, heart, etc. So, it is essential to pay attention to dental hygiene.

Boost Confidence - Good dental hygiene ensures that your mental happiness and confidence quotient is also high, especially if you are a working professional.

Be a good role model - When it comes to dental hygiene, it is of core concern especially if you are a parent. Children consume all kinds of junk like chocolates and candies than anyone else does. Hence, they are the most susceptible to dental problems. As a parent, if you introduce good dental hygiene habits in your lifestyle, your children will emulate you in the same.