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Why Doc32 Dental Care ?

Our clinics reflect our vision of providing the best in class dental care leveraging the 3 pillars of Technology, Transparency and Team work. Our doctors experienced and extremely qualified and use the most technologically advanced equipments and best-in-class processes designed by sector experts to deliver a superior dental care experience.


Accurate diagnosis, transparent information sharing with patients, best-in-class treatment and continuous patient engagement are the key focus areas of all Doc32 clinics. We at Doc32 acknowledge technology as the greatest enablers in delivering on our key focus areas. Each of our clinics support the latest diagnosis and care equipments such as digitized x-ray, diode laser for detecting & removing cavities, computer assisted design (CAD) and computer assisted manufacture (CAM) of dental caps & crowns. All the clinic equipments are further digitally integrated to our clinic management system facilitating electronic record & report management, standardized treatment procedures and automated post treatment care coordination.

To us transparency is not just about sharing all reports and records with the patients but also taking a step further to make sure the patient is able to fully comprehend the shared information and make an informed decision. In lines with our core values of trust and outcome orientation all our clinics share an objective dental health analysis pre and post treatment with a detailed post procedure care, follow-up and feedback loop.



Our core team is comprises of very experienced and qualified dentist, renowned physicians, management graduates from IIMs, technology experts from IITs, data scientist and legal experts. We cherish the multi-disciplinary approach we have to achieve our vision of revolutionizing dental care in India. Experts from all relevant disciplines contribute to ensure that we are able to understand patient needs better than anyone else, provide a one stop solution to all dental care needs and consistently deliver standardized experiences at reasonable prices.